Evaluating the performance of MLB analytical Staff


This is where my idea started…

Study 1 — Does R&D staff size still plays a role in starters and relievers WAR?

Analytical staff size per team considering 2022 media guides and criteria selection previously mentioned
Analytical staff size vs. sum of all pitchers WAR for the 2022 season
2022 Team payroll vs. 202 analytical staff size per team. Payroll source: Fangraphs

Study 2 — Is there an effect between analytical staff size vs. change in the performance of pitchers?

The two groups considered for study 2, for both groups pitchers were separated into starters and relievers. The stats inside the green boxes are the ones considered for each type of pitchers.
Description extracted from FanGraphs

2.1 Change of percentage for pitchers signed during the 2021 off-season

Change of percentage of the CSW% for FA starters signed during the 2021 off-season
Andrew Heany Pitch % by season from BaseballSavant (source)
Change of percentage including all pitchers during the 2021 off-season

2.2 Change of percentage for pitchers traded during the 2022 season

Additional examination

Analytical staff size x sum of all pitchers F-Strike for the 2022 season

Final thoughts…



I really love creating models :)

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